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John Samuel

John Samuel

Senior Associate


John graduated with a law degree from the University of Auckland in 1969 and commenced practice in the same year. Since that time, John has been extensively involved in all areas of litigation, particularly in the areas of civil and criminal law.

John also holds two Masters degrees having graduated in 1996 with a Masters in Commercial Law (Honours) and again in 1999 with a Master of Taxation (Honours) from the University of Auckland.

Aside from practicing in New Zealand, John is a member of the Cook Island Bar where he appears regularly and has also been involved in litigation proceedings in Western Samoa.


LLB. MCom Law (Hons). MTax S (Hons)
LLB Auckland Law School MCom Law (Hons) MTaxS (First Class Honours) Speciality subjects being: superannuation and insurance, corporate distress, law of obligations, company law, law relating to sports and media, employment

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